January 2014 and we have had a breakthrough in the editing and sound finally. It does feel good to finally come to the point where we are working together again. It does not feel so precious anymore and we finding it far more easy to cut up and cut things out - and make those decisions. We have totally thrown out the soundtrack we did and are about to reedit the vision. With this new sound creation and the overlay of the super 8 we are coming up with some new ideas and looks. Working totally in Final Cut Pro x for vision and sound.


We had an opportunity as part of Mulesfilm our business to work with an Artist in our studio and to let Wombok Forest sit for a while even though we had got to the stage of finally getting something happening. This 5-6 month break actually working with somehone else was a very rewarding experience not only working closely with the artist but for us and our work - it made us remember the way we used to work.


We think we have our dicipline and focus back.



It is working - gathering the sound breakthrough we had earlier in the year we are reediting together as we go. We have always had two computers going, one each. We realize now that one can't work on the sound and one cant work on the vision........derrrrrr after working from 2004-2012 with two sets of eyes making the one decision everyday. So we have gone back to working on the one computer, but going between the two to connect up sound with vision.


Feels good and feels positive, loose and just being able to let go of being precious about it allows for the freedom for change.

Still working with Final Cut Pro x but using After Effects a lot more. Still looking at what we could use as a good program for colour correction, we know Resolve would be the one to use but seems a bit beyond us (in price and technical) and we may have to in the end get a final mix of sound to 5.1 and colour correction when we get the DCP done.

It is slow going with our other work, but the best news is we are feeling possitive.

An interview done for Stop Motion Magazine end of 2011. Probably puts the last 10 years into this one concise 24 page editorial about how we work as a collaboration.