Julie Pitts -Miles Blow


We met in 2005 while completing a Visual Arts degree at the Queensland University of Technology. We were both interested in film and in 1997 through this and the discovery of super 8 we started to work on each others works. "Maudie" and "Shrimper were the two films we did for our graduating work.

With this mutual interest in film and an enjoyment of working together we continued together into an Honours degree in Film and Television Production at the Queensland University of Technology which took us part time from (1998-2000). Film and Television didn't like us as much as we did not like it. We found it limiting and uncreative compared with our course in Visual Arts.
From this came "The Cupboard" and a modified version of "Shrimper"

While doing the honours degree we worked in both the film and arts industries creating prosthetic makup effects, special effects, puppets, tutoring and maintaining an active art's practice with shows, curating etc.

In 2001 we were still enjoying working together so when an opportunity came about for us to enter into a short film competition The Brisbane International Film Festival's Fast Films Competition we thought lets give it a go. Fast Films is where you have to make a film within a time frame with a symbol that they release and you have to use within the film you create. We had made stop motion puppets before for others but hadn't really thought we would make a stop motion film. We had an idea for a story and about a $200.00 budget so we thought we would go about and just make our actors and just did it the only way we know how. Being workaholics we enjoyed the experience and realized why we were both collectors of stuff. "Gordon" was our first stop motion film it was 5 minutes long took us 30 days and the only camera we had was a sony digital 8 which we used by capturing the frames straight onto the hardrive using s video into a DC30 capture card. This film was probably the first where we worked totally together on every aspect of the film as a whole, pushing and pulling and combining everything we knew and didn't know to just make it work.

We were still enjoying working together and "Gordon" won the Fast Film Festival and showed around the place. In 2002 we started to work on another stop motion film called "Waiting". We were trying to get a better image as we had noticed "Gordon" didn't hold up on the big cinema screens. We were looking at digital stills cameras but in 2002 they had just really become a consumer item and were very expensive. We bought a Canon G2 and worked for about another year trying to get this camera to work. It became our first "digital" nightmare. In 2003 while still trying to make this work fast films came about again. We had bought a Canon XM2 for work and this time used this camera to capture the frames through firewire into the computer. We adapted a short story that we had thought about for a while called "Rocky".This film taught us a lot about why we do what we do and that it is important for us not to forget that. We combined some live action and live camera which was exciting.

So we come to 2003 where we thought well we still like working together and we really hate the film industry so how can we keep working together and create. This is when we had the idea to make a feature stop motion animated film, get it done in a year and we would then be able to set up a film studio and continue making our own films and help others to do the same.

We were talking one day about a dislike for moralistic fairy tales when Hansel and Gretel came up in that conversation. After researching the many versions we came across, we started to twist this tale with what if's etc until we got a story set in the 2020's about a boy and girl who wander off because of a malfunction in their electronics who then get lured by coloured lights down deep underground. Instead of a beautiful glistening gingerbread house enticing them we have a boring mundane caravan which the children can't help but investigate because of the noise and coloured lights.

This was 2003 the beginning of the script and the beginning of "Wombok Forest" .


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