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So much has happened over so many years. We cannot imagine where to start to tell anyone left out there who might be wondering why we have not finished Wombok Forest. But one thing that is real is, is that as time goes by it is harder to get back.

We could tell you about the many many finished edits of Wombok Forest we have done through the years, the nightmares we have gone through with computers, sound equipment rendering etc but it has all been down to us in the end - there is no other way to put it other than we both had different ideas on how we should finish the film. So after many battles we had to chose between us or the film as the battles were bad. So we chose us.

Wombok Forest was sort of pushed into the background so we could get along with life. But with anythibng like this it has never been far away.

We discovered fighitng robots in 2010 and from around 2016 to today we became heavily involved in building, battleing, managing a club and just having fun both here in Australia and overseas.

Looking back the 10 years of straight animating just about every day with long hours in the dark not doing much of anything else, was just a bit too much. The robots became a way of still working together but we could build and design and make separately. It was a good thing we had forgotten how to do that. Every day animating together was like passing every aspect of the process through the both of us to get the result. Scrutinizing each frame of the image like a painting, adjusting anlything from a grain of sand to a colour gel. I dont think we will ever be the same our whole outlook on life and time is different.




It is the year 2020 that i am writing this update The world is in the middle of a pandemic. When we wrote Wombok Forest in 2003 we set it it in the future the year 2020. It is weird how these things happen.

We have made another larger computer and are not sure if we are working with Resolve now or keeping with Final Cut. We have realized that digitized sound is not the thing for us. We are trying again.


So slowly without any expectations we are plodding through and in time we will have something.