JANUARY - 2012

Wow here we are finally. We have been working on the miniature shot, crazy trying to finish this off but we just can't seem to get the movement right. We think our homemade crane and dolly have just about had it. We noticed signs of rust and one of the pins broke right in the middle of a crane down shot. These shots are at the very beginning and the very ending shots so we have to be particular. We think with the trying to finish by a certain date is somewhat stuffing us up seeing we have spent our time with most shots over the last 9 years. But if we don't give ourselves this deadline we shall surely shrink to a small puppet in a set ourselves!!

The editing and sound is going well in the background, evenings and night. We are still amazed at the Pegasus R6 with the thunderbolt through to the Imac. With Final Cut Pro x and our footage rendered with Pro Res 444 (keeping the 4k size) it is just churning through. We have had a few hickups, firstly we have noticedwith the footage on the timeline, that final cut x does change the look), we think this is due to the way final cut x is RGB based,it is complex we think!!!! We can't do the colour grading and correction with this now, so maybe we have to do it with After Effects or find something else more user friendly.

Now that we editing on a big screen we have noticed that because we used a very small computer monitor to view our many loops, we are seeing lots and lots of 'things' we did not see before, oh it is scary.

Another hicup was we had purchased 2 Pegasus R6 with 6 1T drives in Raid 5, with approx quarter of the film edited (no sound) we had filled one up to having only 1T left. We thought now with the problems with the RGB (thinking we would have to delete the pro res444 render) would be a good time to upgrade to 6 2T's which we had bought previously for another computer we were going to use. We decided to sacrifice the work that had been done on the 2nd Pegasus (mostly editing of scenes that did not run smoothly and the beginninngs of the sound creation), delete that, transfer all the stuff from the pegasus to that one, replace all the drives with the 2T's then transfer the stuff back onto it and hope it worked. Fortunately it did. So far. Now the work has to be recreated on the 2nd pegasus to catch up.

We have to finish off the miniature (unfortunately no time for 8mm) and then start the scene for the oldtime circus.



Solid work since the beginning of the year trying to get a finish of some kind. We had to make big decisions on the right pipeline to use to get it to a finished piece.Things changed a lot for us, as the whole way through the film we did not know how we were going to render the large files and actually edit with them in real time. It was only when we got the mac system with the Pegasus setup that it all started to become a reality. We cannot rave enough about this system we have used, it was flawless even after we upgraded one of the Pegasus to a 12tb drive after halfway through editing. Nothing really went wrong, it just worked and it pushed around these massive 4k files with only sometimes being a bit sluggish. After so many years of being pc users and loving Premiere it was a big move to start using Final Cut Pro x, but for the vision it really did work well. When it came to the sound we had to give Final Cut a miss, just couldn't get around the magnetic timeline, and as most of our sound is cut up and manipulated it was a nightmare. We then decided to go to Soundtrack pro which we really did want to use,found it great until it just kept crashing and after many weeks of losing what we had done we decided to change. We looked at some other programs but time was running out, so we decided to go premiere pro, and as it turned out that was a good decision. Most of the fixes for the vision we did in After Effects and there were a lot. Like wires, supports, and some major puppet damage a few background alterations etc. We are still working out the 5.1 and colour correction. The 12 tb drive has reached it's maximum, how's that for luck.



Still pushing and rushing to get it all finished to a point where we have a copy with vision and sound together at last. We are tired starting to get a bit rough and we are asking ourselves can we do this or are we going to need help. Something we have not had to even consider in the whole time we have taken to make wombok Forest. We have purchased a program that is helping with colour correction and we have decided on a whole new look for the vision, but still having problems with the sound and asking ourselves again is it because it has been a silent film for us for so long.




Finally got a ist run of Wombok with vision and sound together and after a couple of weeks we just cant seem to go any further or make any decisions. All we know is there is something wrong something we have done we both are not in agreement with.

Wehave hit a creative wall - it has been a hard time for us. We decided to just take our minds somewhere else for a while so since the beginning of june we just did other things (that is like something simple like read, or watch tv, or take a walk, or just sitting in one space for as while) without the terrible guilt of not working/thinking/breathing Wombok Forest. Perhaps we just tried too hard to rush it at the end.


We now realize we did one of the worst things we could have done after all the years of just plodding our way through - we rushed far to hard to 'finish' the film. We are both just exhausted in mind. Our creativity is exhausted nothing seems to be coming. There is a private sense of disappointment that we cannot talk about between each other or with anyone else.