The Cupboard

(2000) live action - super 8 & 16mm


he second fi

theThe second film in a triology "Maudie" "The Cupboard' and "The Mother". All three films were an experiment in the use of film as a language,

and a relationship based on unspoken words where sound and movement are the only known language. This relationship is one developed between a father, a daughter and a mother and in "The Cupboard" the choices a mother makes to break tradition.



The film was shot on Super 8 Ektachrome 7240 and out of date colour negative 16mm. Most of the location was in our home in Ipswich and Cootchie Mudlo Island.




The Cupboard has had a few screenings but has mostly stayed in a cupboard along with the third film "The Mother" . Another film called "Waiting" that we worked on for a year experimenting with a digital stills camera before we decided to do "Wombok Forest" is also waiting half finished in the same cupboard.

" Waiting" is about a woman who makes a paper family, it will be finished one day afte this, despite finding all the props only last week damaged by rats.